Tony Montana’s Scarface Movie Mansion

If you aren’t looking for a hand-me-down celebrity mansion, then perhaps you’ll be interested in a home featured in a movie. The mansion that played the role of “Scarface” Tony Montana’s home/compound is reportedly up for sale. Even though the movie is set in Miami, you won’t find the listing there. The home is actually located in Santa Barbara, California.

According to the Santa Barbara website for Sotheby’s International Real Estate, the building date for the home was 1906. However, they do have the words, “recently remodeled” in parenthesis. Well, I should hope so. It’s over 100 years old for heaven’s sake. The website also states that it has five full baths and three powder rooms. That’s just a fancy way of saying half baths in “old-money-speak.”

The home, according to the site, consisted of “poured, reinforced concrete on a steel frame.” (They built it before Jimmy Hoffa’s time, so it’s doubtful he’s there.) Even though the site also noted Barbara Lockhart, an award-winning designer, interpreted the renovation of the home, we’re pretty certain that simply means she simply created the design. Besides updating all the mechanicals, it seems as though she a made quite a few other changes. So if you go into the house expecting to travel back through time and see the “Scarface Mansion” as it was in the movie, think again. It’s been “Lockharted.” In a very tasteful manner, I might add.

Even though the mansion sold for $6.23 million back in October of 2009, it was recently placed back on the market for a cool $29.5 million. Evidently, the price increase came from the vast remodeling. Sincerely, the house does have quite a history even without the “Scarface” connections. The eccentric millionaire, J. Waldron Gillespie, originally built it. He surrounded it with fantastic gardens that rivaled the most spectacular in the world and called it “El Fureidis,” meaning pleasure gardens.

The upgraded El Fureidis has all the best, custom designed hardware and window treatments, marble, granite and tile throughout and an intricate floor pattern in the entryway. It’s quite beautiful, but unless you’re an eccentric billionaire (a 2012 version of a 1906 millionaire) or a cocaine dealing gangster, its out of many people’s price range.

More Pictures of the Scarface Movie Mansion

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