Super Strange Things In Celebrity Homes

If you’re rich, you can be eccentric and have odd décor that’s considered chic. However, if you’re a celebrity and rich, you can display items that even the most warped of us “commoners” find weird. Making money singing, acting or in other artistic endeavors doesn’t automatically mean you’ll acquire good taste in decorating. Even worse are those celebs that want something posh so they hire a decorator who wants to give them the unusual, sometimes too unusual and the celeb just goes along with it, no matter how creepy the item.

If you venture into the home of Demi Moore, you’ll see of the 3,000+-doll collection decorating it. While it’s not unusual for grown women to collect these items, some of them are quite scary looking. These dolls are normally hand made with porcelain heads and human hair.

Some are gorgeous but it’s hard to get a doll with a smile that shows her teeth to look anything less than demonic. Those with the cherub look, puckered lips and opened eyes often look like a dead child. Maybe this is a pleasant way for some to say goodnight but too creepy for my taste.

Taxidermy and stuffed animals make the theme for other celebrity homes. Sharing a bedroom with a Bambi that once roamed the forest and the head of his mother on the wall may be a man thing Justin Theroux found appealing, but it brings chills to my spine.

Along that vein is the stuffed zebra that resides at Vanessa Traina’s apartment. Theroux also had medical models of mouths as décor for one room. Open wide and say “Ahhhh.”

Other celebrity weird decorations include Barbra Streisand’s basement that looks like an early American shopping district. I think I saw it in a museum once.

Suzanne Summers went for the Spanish look, complete with a bullfighter’s suit in the dining room.

Outside décor can be just as strange. For instance, Penn Gillette of Penn and Teller fame has a koi pool in the shape of Goldfish snack crackers called “The Slammer.” Don’t accept his invite for a fish dinner.

Christina Aguilera’s decorating style could consume a whole book of weird. The nursery she decorated was far too scary for a baby and many of the “chic” items were just plain odd or weird in other areas of the home. She even has a modern full-service beauty shop containing a blue manikin with great abs and red hair in a bikini. Of course, service is by appointment only, unless you live there.

image source includes: Douglas Friedman/Snapper Media/Harper’s Bazaar/Viking/

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