Vanessa Hudgens Studio City Mansion

[one_fourth]Price: $2,750,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 5,200 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 6[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 6[/one_fourth_last]

With young celebrities throwing their money down the drain, it was good to see Vanessa Hudgens invest hers into a beautiful home shortly after she hit the age of consent. This young starlet who’s first claim to fame was in the movie trilogy, “High School Musical” and later in the ever so popular and unique movie “Beastly,” made a $2.75 million dollar investment in a 5,200 square foot home featuring 6 bedrooms and 6 and a half baths.

It was a bit odd for someone who was just 20 to purchase such a large home, particularly with California real estate still in a sharp decline, but it’s a far better purchase than a $500,000 car or other lavish toy’s, not saying she didn’t buy those too.

The home is located in Studio City, California and touts Tuscan architecture with some influences of Moroccan décor. The interior is ablaze with unique curves and rounded designs with doorways that look like the entrance to the harem quarters and others that are round tapering at the base. The flowing stairway has just enough curves to make it interesting and the kitchen maintains the flowing curved design with a geometrically flowing counter top on the work island.

Outside the home, there are waterfalls, a pool/spa combination, a cabana and barbecue. A long stone stairway leads to the entryway, proving this is a home only for the young, because those stairs would difficult to maneuver many times for someone of advancing age…or out of shape. In addition, the house has some interesting rooflines that add to the interest.

The master bath is glamorous with a step up tub, clear glass door shower and tile. While so much of the interior is glamorous, unique and delightful, including the baths, there’s one room with bright red décor ceiling to floor, which could send anyone into a dizzying spin.

Let’s hope she called in a decorator to do a quick fix on that one. I’d guess there was a few gallons of high hiding white paint used on that room, but then again, some people like red walls and ceilings.

Pictures of Vanessa Hudgens’ Studio City House

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Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s Beverly Hills Rental House

[one_fourth]Price: $27,500/month[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 10,594 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 6[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 8[/one_fourth_last]

Even though the price is fuzzy, there’s an opportunity to the home of film stars, Warren Beatty and Annette Bening. Some reports show the 10,594 square foot home is renting for $27,500 a month, while others show a discounted price of $25,000. So what’s a few thousand if you want to sleep in the same room that the iconic couple shared?

The couple purchased the Beverly Hills mansion they’re about to lease back in May of 1996, two years after an earthquake demolished their home on Mulholland Drive. However, through the years of repair, replacement, renovations and procurement of a few extra parcels surrounding the shaken property, they’re ready to move back to the original Mulholland Drive address, but still have the Beverly Hills mansion in their real estate portfolio.

Unlike many of the celebrity homes for rent, this one is devoid of any glitz and personal items that might attract a well-appointed fan. The décor and furnishings often promote a rental or block the lease signing. In this case, a little staging might have been useful. Maybe the Beatty/Bening team surmised that if there were furniture, they’d have to rent to those looking for a short one-month thrill and wanted a more permanent occupant. Either way, this is one of the many high profile homeowners renting their property rather than selling it in a depressed real estate market. Luckily, they probably have the cash to hold out until the market revives.

The interior is spacious and filled with arching doorways, parquet wood floors, a spiraling marble and wrought iron staircase and other amenities you’d expect in a high dollar home. There are his and hers walk in closet you could live in, if there were a bathroom and microwave in it. The many windows and French doors allow volumes of light to enter the rooms, making them less sterile and somber, something that can occur in large empty mansions.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you’ll love the swimming pool and spa area outside and the brick and natural paths through the woods. The sunroom on the second story with a balcony for those days the cool breeze draws you outside for your morning coffee, is another big draw for the rental. However, if you’re spending $25,000 to $27,500 a month, with the real estate prices interest rates lower, it would make more sense to purchase your own McMansion.

The monthly outlay would be only $700+ more than the lowest rental price and far under the highest price quoted. But then, there’s that pesky question of where to find the 10 percent down payment.

More Pictures of Warren Beatty and Annette Bening’s Rental House

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Tori Spelling And Dean Buy Home in Malibu

[one_fourth]Price: $2,400,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 2,300 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 3[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 2.5[/one_fourth_last]

Just like actors are replaced after a few seasons on television shows, the house on the 2008-2011 reality show, “Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood” has seen its last season. While the couple, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, purchased the property in 2008 for $2.945 million, they sold the property for $2.5 million in December and moved into their new Malibu house they purchased this fall. Many of the avid fans of the program were sad to see the home leave the program since it was one of the best actors and solid characters on the show.

The new $2.4 million home is in Malibu and offers far less room for the couple with a growing family. While it has 1.75 acres for expansion that has organic gardens and native landscaping, the square footage of the living quarters dropped from 6,718 square feet to 2,052 to 2300 square feet, depending on where you gather your facts.

Some sources show the new home at 3 bedrooms and 2 ½ baths while others show 4 bedrooms and 4 baths. Either way, the couple lost a minimum of 2 bedrooms and 2.5 baths in the move. It’s difficult to say why the two downsized, but maybe the 1953 property held other features, that caught the reality queen’s interest.

The age of the home is also under debate with several sources listing it as built in 1953 and others noting its conception as the 1960s. All sources agree that the home resides at Dume Drive in Malibu and that it has vaulted ceilings in the living room, custom sliding doors to the deck and bamboo floors.

Pictures of the kitchen reveal avocado cabinets with some of the countertops granite-like and others of butcher’s block. While the listing information show the home remodeled, the colors and design in the kitchen smacks of the 1960s.

Perhaps that’s why Tori loved it. It might remind her of “Paw paws” home or other near and dear relative who was a decade behind in décor. Others think it might be dozed in the future for a larger more glamorous structure befitting the reality star she is.

Pictures of Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott’s Malibu House

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John Smoltz Lists $7.2M Geogia Mansion

[one_fourth]Price: $7,200,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 18,265 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 10[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 12[/one_fourth_last]

If you’re the athletic type who’s fit enough to carry a very heavy wallet, you can lighten that wallet’s weight to the tune of $7.2 million and purchase the home of the famous Atlanta Braves legend, John Smoltz. Of course, for that price, you’d expect more than your everyday mansion and you’d certainly receive it. This 18,265 square foot mansion located just South of Atlanta, comes complete with 10 bedrooms and 10 full baths with four half baths and sits on a massive 22 acres with goodies for every fit athlete.

The house contains a personal gym, sauna and has basketball and tennis courts, football and baseball fields, trail for the jogger, an 18-hole golf course and a stocked fishing pond. Don’t think that just because it offers all those amenities, there’s nothing for the couch potato. Besides the luxurious decorating scheme, which includes marble and hardwood floors, with vaulted ceilings and his & hers closets, there’s a movie theatre complete with a concession stand. However, at this writing, there’s no word out on how much he charges for Goobers.

The house also has a studio apartment and eight-car garage. It includes an outdoor entertainment area complete with a lounge area, wet bar and kitchen. The entryway on the outside is as magnificent as the foyer on the inside, will high stone columns and arches accented with wood ceilings and chandeliers. The back of the house also has a covered area for sitting with the finest of design and material.

The interior shows taste and elegance, except for the draperies in the breakfast nook (which is by the way, bigger than most dining rooms), but that’s just personal preference, not a décor fax pas. The décor isn’t what you’d expect an athlete to have, but it is dazzling, stately and elegant from the sitting area you find when you exit the winding staircase, to the scrumptious open space kitchen.

If you’re on the edge whether to purchase this prime piece of real estate, keep in mind the number of bathrooms. You could use one of the porcelain fixtures a day in each bath and half bath and never have to use the same one twice for two weeks. That fact alone may be worth the high price tag.

More Pictures of John Smoltz’s Georgia Mansion

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Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom Rent $7.5K Luxury Condo in Dallas

While buying real estate may be a good move for some couples, it isn’t if you’re a forward for the Dallas Mavericks with the potential for a shorter time with the team than expected. While Lamar Odom and reality show wife who’s allegedly a non-Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, looked for homes in Dallas, they decided instead to rent a condo in the W Dallas Victory Hotel & Residences instead for the sum of $7,500 a month. The couple still owns a house in Tarzana, California, close to the home of the L.A. Lakers and Lamar’s previous employer, so the decision to rent seems quite logical.

While the new condo is not nearly as expansive as their Tarzana, California mansion, it has other perks that make it perfect for this couple. It comes with all the amenities such as a zero-edge swimming pool, 24 hour security with the works, a doorman and controlled access, a lap pool, Bliss spa, two fitness centers, an entertainment lounge and concierge services. Oh, did I mention it also has a VIP access to Craft, whose chef is Tom Colicchio, a judge on the program “Top Chef.” I see a lot of takeout Roasted Guinea Hen and black truffles in Khloe’s future.

The interior of the apartment offers a grand view due to the floor-to-ceiling windows in this corner condo. It even has automatic window shades. If you’ve never experienced them before, once you do, they’ll keep you occupied for an entire day…unless of course you have a social life.

There’s an open plan main living area where the living room, dining room and kitchen are only separated by your imagination and a few area rugs. While the open plan works for the glass-enclosed area, the kitchen is a bit dated and there’s a Buddha head on top of the cabinetry, which simply doesn’t belong. If the condo came furnished, let’s hope Khloe moves it to a less conspicuous place.

The condo is more of a bachelor’s dream, but certainly a wise decision on the part of the couple. It has a wet bar, billiard nook, wine storage area and a snack counter. The male décor may be because Mack Hicks, the son of Tom Hicks, owner of the Texas Rangers, owns the condo. While the slate flooring throughout and the bathrooms tiled in Mother of Pearl adds a good touch, the biggest plus is that the location is within walking distance to Lamar’s new job at the American Airlines Center.

More Pictures of Khloé Kardashian & Lamar Odom’s Dallas Condo

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Kim Kardashian’s $4.8M Beverly Hills Home

[one_fourth]Price: $4,800,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 4,000 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 5[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 4.5[/one_fourth_last]

Say what you will about the reality show star Kim Kardashian, but don’t say she has bad taste in home decorating. While her new home isn’t new anymore and the reports about the price she paid vary from $3.5 to $4.8 million, it would be hard to find a home as well decorated as hers. Her 4,000 square foot abode comes complete with five bedrooms and four and a half baths. It sits in Beverly Hills in a cul-de-sac and has features both the outdoor enthusiast and indoor privacy lovers would cherish.

This Mediterranean style home has a fairy tale entrance with swirling topiary and a gated entrance. In the back it offers an outdoor living area that would make you want to sit all night and watch the stars. The area offers an intricately designed fireplace and tile flooring, with draperies to pull around to keep in the heat on a chilly night.

Besides the sitting area, the back yard contains an outdoor barbeque, which would make any woman green with envy. It’s not you’re standard brick-chimney smoker but a fully appointed kitchen with the same tiled flooring as the sitting area. If offers not only a stainless steel dishwasher, but also the top of the line stainless barbecue smoker built in to a tan granite counter.

The interior of the home is also as well decorated and not overly glitzy. The entryway is huge and gives the Mediterranean feel with deeper toned woods, white columns and wrought iron. While the wrought iron stair rail keeps with the Mediterranean theme, I far prefer wood, but then that’s a personal preference, not a decorating faux pas.

The bedrooms are spacious. In fact, one has a lounging area.  These are simple bedrooms and nothing to write home about, unlike the sitting area surrounding the white fireplace or the open plan kitchen that opens to the outdoors and a massage area.

This tastefully decorated home with a waterfall, pool and personal screening room has ample space for the semi-celebrity to entertain, and yet has many areas that are perfect for solitude and reflection, something she may have been doing quite a bit of this year.

Photo Gallery of Kim Kardashian’s Beverly Hills House

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Elin Nordegren Demolishes Oceanfront Mansion: Bug Infestation & Building Code

The ex-Mrs. Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren released all her fury about the extramarital affairs of ex-hubby Tiger by buying a $12 million dollar mansion in North Palm Beach, Fla, and then demolishing it. Of course, the $100 million ex-hubby paid her as a settlement, left lots of room in the budget to break and rebuild.

What is now a hole in the ground with surrounding port-a-potties and bulldozers once held a huge 17,178 square foot home. It had a 7-car garage, with 8 bathrooms, multiple fireplaces and even an elevator. There’s speculation whether Ms. Nordegren should have demolished this 1930s mansion or whether the settlement will be enough, even with child support, after she builds her dream house.

While some say it was worth purchasing the house because of the cost of the land with a beachfront in that area and that taking the route of demolishing the home might be the cheapest when compared to the upkeep, it still is a shame to wipe out the historic building with the swipe of a wrecking ball. However, new information revealed the mansion had a termite infestation and was out of compliance with the current safety code for hurricanes. So, if that is true, let the wrecking ball fly. Just make sure you treat the soil and rid it of those pesky critters before you start building.

Either way, most agreed that she probably stayed within close distance to Tiger, approximately 10 miles, for the children, either as part of the divorce settlement or simply as a good mother. Reports are suggesting that the house to be built is strikingly similar in both style and size. Word has it that every worker had to sign a confidentiality agreement to protect her privacy.

Until the new home is complete, Ms. Nordegren is staying close by in a rented condo that’s also on the beach. While she also maintains a home in her country of origin, Stockholm, that’s only accessible by boat, it’s doubtful she would spend all the time it will take to rebuild her mansion, that far away from the children’s father.

image source: Pacific Coast News


Paris Hilton Los Angeles Rental House

[one_fourth]Price: $16,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 3,000 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 4[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 3.5[/one_fourth_last]

You can now live in the home of a reality show queen. That’s right, the people who purchased Paris Hilton’s home for $3,865,000 after it was listed only 10 days, are now willing to share their prize with the public. Originally, they had an asking price of a mere $20,000 a month, but had no one inquiring evidently because today…and today only…you can rent this little honey and be your own celebrity for a mere $16,000 a month.

While the home is beautiful on the exterior, it seems as though the new owners haven’t touched the décor. The listing states the interior is French Regency Hollywood Glamour and the exterior is Spanish. That can only mean they maintained the same décor the tabloid princess originally had in the house. Of course, the photos supplied by the rental agency also are a dead giveaway. It means lots’n’lots of shiny accents and pictures of Miss Paris all over the home.

While I like shiny, especially when I’m in my crown phase, the stripper pole in the middle of the living room is a bit over the top for me. In fact, if this factor rents the home, I’ll “chromize” our similar, but not so shiny pole in the basement to rent out the basement at a tidy sum. The pictures of Paris all through the home are also not my cup of tea, but then, someone loves her or she wouldn’t be the queen of the tabloids.

You could throw a great party outside by the pool, complete with cabanas or bring the entire family in for the weekend since there are four bedrooms in the main house and a separate guest quarters.

It also contains a chrome laden four-poster bed in one of those bedrooms that is quite dazzling and one of the features that might make renting this high cost home worthwhile, if you have nothing better to do with your money and are “hankering” to stay in the same home as a reality show and tabloid queen.

More Pictures of Paris Hilton’s Los Angeles Rental House

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Super Strange Things In Celebrity Homes

If you’re rich, you can be eccentric and have odd décor that’s considered chic. However, if you’re a celebrity and rich, you can display items that even the most warped of us “commoners” find weird. Making money singing, acting or in other artistic endeavors doesn’t automatically mean you’ll acquire good taste in decorating. Even worse are those celebs that want something posh so they hire a decorator who wants to give them the unusual, sometimes too unusual and the celeb just goes along with it, no matter how creepy the item.

If you venture into the home of Demi Moore, you’ll see of the 3,000+-doll collection decorating it. While it’s not unusual for grown women to collect these items, some of them are quite scary looking. These dolls are normally hand made with porcelain heads and human hair.

Some are gorgeous but it’s hard to get a doll with a smile that shows her teeth to look anything less than demonic. Those with the cherub look, puckered lips and opened eyes often look like a dead child. Maybe this is a pleasant way for some to say goodnight but too creepy for my taste.

Taxidermy and stuffed animals make the theme for other celebrity homes. Sharing a bedroom with a Bambi that once roamed the forest and the head of his mother on the wall may be a man thing Justin Theroux found appealing, but it brings chills to my spine.

Along that vein is the stuffed zebra that resides at Vanessa Traina’s apartment. Theroux also had medical models of mouths as décor for one room. Open wide and say “Ahhhh.”

Other celebrity weird decorations include Barbra Streisand’s basement that looks like an early American shopping district. I think I saw it in a museum once.

Suzanne Summers went for the Spanish look, complete with a bullfighter’s suit in the dining room.

Outside décor can be just as strange. For instance, Penn Gillette of Penn and Teller fame has a koi pool in the shape of Goldfish snack crackers called “The Slammer.” Don’t accept his invite for a fish dinner.

Christina Aguilera’s decorating style could consume a whole book of weird. The nursery she decorated was far too scary for a baby and many of the “chic” items were just plain odd or weird in other areas of the home. She even has a modern full-service beauty shop containing a blue manikin with great abs and red hair in a bikini. Of course, service is by appointment only, unless you live there.

image source includes: Douglas Friedman/Snapper Media/Harper’s Bazaar/Viking/


Alexis Bellino’s Fab New California Mansion

[one_fourth]Price: $5,00,000 ish[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 7,146 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 5[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 5.5[/one_fourth_last]

There’s something amazing about celebrities, including reality TV celebrities, which is a whole “nuther” category in my book. No matter how broke they are, or how financially ruined, they still land on their feet and live in the lap of luxury. Just one year after the bank started foreclosure proceedings, forcing reality show star of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Alexis and Jim Bellino to short sell their property for $3 million, incurring an equal amount of loss and not covering the $4 million plus mortgage, they’re living in new quarters. On top of that, Jim’s company also filed bankruptcy.

Living in a new house is reasonable, unless that home costs more than the one they lost due to lack of funds. On the reunion show of “Real Housewives of Orange County,” Alexis noted they were buying a new one and this time paying cash. The new home listed for several prices with a range between $4,999,999 and $5,900,000. Did they buy the property?

Some speculators note that since the records online show it belongs to the original seller, they may have simply leased it. However, there often is a lag between a closing and the updating of online records. So, they mystery remains. If they did buy the property, this writer wants to find out how they managed and whether they keep a magic genie captive in a bottle.

The home is a 7,146 square foot Mediterranean-style five bedroom, five and a half bath home. It has three levels and even an elevator for those adverse to any physical activity. There’s an access to a private beach, an eight-car garage and a state of the art kitchen. Each room comes complete with an ocean view, except the windowless media room on the lower level.

While the home is attractive, the mystery remains. Did Alexis and Jim buy the home or lease it? If they bought it, how can they afford an even more expensive house than the one they lost to a short sale and almost foreclosure?

More Pictures of Alexis Bellino’s California Mansion

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