Kevin Durant Lists Washington Home

[one_fourth]Price: $2,799,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 5,910 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 5[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 6[/one_fourth_last]

Thinking he’d stay a while, Kevin Durant bought his home in Seattle, WA, the first year he signed with the Seattle SuperSonics, 2007 when the home was still under construction. He did remain with the team, but they did the switch-a-roo and became the Oklahoma Thunder, with Durant tagging along for the ride. Of course, that was about the time that real estate bottomed out dramatically. Evidently, Durant either made a business decision to keep the property until recovery or he hoped to return to the area one day, either way, his 5,910 square foot $2,799,000 home in Seattle just hit the market.

The home is as unassuming as the owner is. Durant, known for his hard work and kind spirit, with no razzle-dazzle or trash talk, reflected his personality in the purchase of this Seattle property. Unlike many of the celebrity or pro homes, the home displays high quality and richness without a lot of flash, again, much like the owner. It’s conservative and reserved, just as Durant is, almost to the point of being subtly boring, but a good boring—again, similar to the old soul 22 year old, Durant.

There are five bedrooms, six baths, five fireplaces and a hot tub and spa. The house has a movie theatre, a gazebo and a wet bar as special amenities. The kitchen is the usual U shape with a huge island in the center. It offers tan marble tops, light tan slate floors and maple traditional cupboards, some with glass doors. While there’s no central draw for the area, it looks formal enough to serve the most prestigious of guests and still comfortable enough for a family meal.

The doorways are tall, probably part of the deal-maker for Durant, which makes the ceilings look a bit lower in some rooms. No matter which room you enter, you realize it offers that same feeling of true quality and stability, even if it doesn’t sport the latest hot color or style. Much like its owner, often considered the nicest player in basketball, it has a lasting quality that people will still desire, even when the next trend in home design is just a memory.

More Pictures of Kevin Durant’s Seattle House

source: Keller Williams Realty

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