Barbi Benton Selling Lavish Bel Air Mansion

[one_fourth]Price: $11,950,000[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Size: 11,608 sq ft[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth]Bedrooms: 8[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Bathrooms: 14[/one_fourth_last]

Barbi Benton, who spent nine years as the Playboy bunny love connection for Hugh Hefner from 1969 to 1976, and her real estate tycoon husband since 1979, George Gradow, are selling their Los Angeles mansion that’s just of Mulholland Drive for $11,950,000. It’s not the first time the property has been on the market and the price has bobbed up and down each time.

In 2008, the price was $17,500,000. Then put back on the market for $11,950,000 in July 2001, but the price dropped to $10,950,000 in October and then suddenly raised again back to $11,950,000. Despite all the fluctuation, it’s a real bargain at any one of the selling prices.

This dream home is 11,608 square feet of impeccable decorating and design in the main house, with additional square footage in a detached 2 bedroom/2 bath guesthouse and another 2 bedroom/2 bath residence for the staff. The total square footage is 15,270, which includes 12 bedrooms, 8 in the main house and 18 bathrooms, with 14 in the main house. It seems the couple planned carefully for their senior years with plenty of bathrooms close at hand.

The house’s exterior is in winter-white and glass with the geometric lines of the architecture creating the interest. It opens to a huge foyer, reminiscent of a hotel lobby that offers twin staircases set on each side of a bowed second floor balcony overlooking the foyer. The size of the living room dwarfs oversized furniture and large potted plants. Again, the architecture creates interest and design with the décor adding just a splash of color to the white palette of walls.

Even the bedrooms offer a surprise with glass enclosed closets within the walk in closet, which further protects the clothing and allows the owner to see the selection before opening the doors. Even the shoes have their own class faced closet racks.

With the mansion so big and each room packed with features, it’s difficult to note them all in a short blurb. Suffice to say, every woman and man could feel comfortable in this house, even though it’s large and spacious enough to be a hotel. The design and décor are a hit with this writer, from the outside landscaping to the Alice in Wonderland bedroom of clouds.

More Pictures of Barbi Benton’s Former Los Angeles Mansion

image source: Rodeo Real Estate

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